IDA I-Color Chart provides professional hair stylists a simpler, quicker and easier way to achieve better color results.


Tap on the desired color, a pop-up table would show you the how-to for different hair textures and natural hair colors. IDA I-Color Chart also provides tips & solutions that enable professional coloring as easy as a piece of cake!


Being the most popular professional color in Hong Kong, and appointed as the color standard and product by a number of Asian Hairstylist Association, academies and OMC HK Competition Team, IDA Color is well known for being long-lasting, delicate, accurate and shiny.


Complying with ICC standard, IDA Color is easy to use and comprehensive with over 300 choices of permanent, semi-permanent and color treatment.

With this IDA I-Color Chart, you are only a fingertip away from “colors beyond imagination”!

This app features including:

1 Electronic Color Chart (COLOR)

  • Complete color catalogue with images, description, coding
  • Formula for different hair textures and natural hair colors


2 Comprehensive User Guide (SKILL)

  • Color issues & theory
  • Direction of use
  • Coloring grey hair
  • Lightening dark hair, darkening light hair
  • Case study & solution
  • Frequently asked questions & answers


3 Update Information (MORE)

  • Masterpiece sharing by using IDA color
  • Update news


4 Languages

  • Chinese (traditional and simplified), English



Note to iPhone/iPad users:


You should trust "World Hair Cosmetics (Asia) Limited" in your phone setting in order to install the app iPhone version.


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