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Color System

錨點 1

N Color Series

all color_N.jpg

Natural series enhance intimate feeling. It provides a comfort natural sensation through perfectly integrated with the natural hair color.



  • Residue natural hair pigment is one of the main factors that affect the final outcome. If the final result is unmatched with your desired color, it might be affected by the residue hair color pigment.

  • Natural hair can be lightened by peroxide together with high level colorant but artificial color cannot. For colored hair, it is best to remove artificial pigment by blonding cream or decolor powder before coloring process in order to attain a light shade.

  • Adding natural series to other color series can enrich the gentleness of the tone.

A Color Series

灰色 Ash
all color_A.jpg

Ash series is categorized as neutral tone. With its high complementary and perfect match characteristic, it creates natural harmony ambience for various types of highlights.

  • To neutralize warm tone (eg Orange), if cool tone reflect is desired.

  • 2A can create blue black shade when apply on hair with color level 7.

  • 11A can create light silvery ash color when apply on hair with color level 9 or above.

  • For gray hair coverage, Ash series colorant cannot standalone apply on hair. Please mix with Natural Series colorant.

  • When prominent blonde color is desired on high porosity hair, the tone will be darker than expected as the reason of high porosity hair absorbs more cool tone and curb light reflection. In this situation, it is recommended to apply same tone 1 level up colorant.


G Color Series

金色 Gold
all color_G.jpg

Strong Western style complement with highlights, fully unleash the passion of fashion.

  • For one's who desires shinny golden shade.

  • To neutralize violet residue pigment in hair.

  • 3G can perfectly covers all kinds of gray hair.

  • When the desired color is bright violet, it is not suitable to add-in gold series colorant, as both tones are complementary color.


GG Color Series

加金色 Extra Gold
all color_GG.jpg

Extra gold represents in vogue western style. Blending with highlights, it will be like a model walking down the street with full of confidence.

  • Add extra gold to cover the red residue pigment in hair.

  • To neutralize red and make shinier reflect.

  • 5.3 can cover 50% of gray hair.


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