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Color System


N Color Series

IDA Color System N

Natural series enhance intimate feeling. It provides a comfort natural sensation through perfectly integrated with the natural hair color.


  • Residue natural hair pigment is one of the main factors that affect the final outcome. If the final result is unmatched with your desired color, it might be affected by the residue hair color pigment.

  • Natural hair can be lightened by peroxide together with high level colorant but artificial color cannot. For colored hair, it is best to remove artificial pigment by blonding cream or decolor powder before coloring process in order to attain a light shade.

  • Adding natural series to other color series can enrich the gentleness of the tone.


A Color Series

IDA Color System A

Ash series is categorized as neutral tone. With its high complementary and perfect match characteristic, it creates natural harmony ambience for various types of highlights.

  • To neutralize warm tone (eg Orange), if cool tone reflect is desired.

  • 2A can create blue black shade when apply on hair with color level 7.

  • 11A can create light silvery ash color when apply on hair with color level 9 or above.

  • For gray hair coverage, Ash series colorant cannot standalone apply on hair. Please mix with Natural Series colorant.

  • When prominent blonde color is desired on high porosity hair, the tone will be darker than expected as the reason of high porosity hair absorbs more cool tone and curb light reflection. In this situation, it is recommended to apply same tone 1 level up colorant.


G Color Series

IDA Color System G

Strong Western style complement with highlights, fully unleash the passion of fashion.

  • For one's who desires shinny golden shade.

  • To neutralize violet residue pigment in hair.

  • 3G can perfectly covers all kinds of gray hair.

  • When the desired color is bright violet, it is not suitable to add-in gold series colorant, as both tones are complementary color.


GG Color Series

IDA Color System GG

Extra gold represents in vogue western style. Blending with highlights, it will be like a model walking down the street with full of confidence.

  • Add extra gold to cover the red residue pigment in hair.

  • To neutralize red and make shinier reflect.

  • 5.3 can cover 50% of gray hair.


GB Color Series

IDA Color System GB

Gold Auburn possesses a strong metallic reflects. Blending with highlights, it looks vividly outstanding.

  • For clients with white skin tone. Gold shade with a touch of cool tone is recommended.



B Color Series

IDA Color System B

With lustrous pure brown essence, ever-changing character, provides you a way to explicitly express oneself.

  • Comprise of cyan underlying base. It can create natural brown reflect and outperform in gray hair coverage.

  • Normally when natural hair color reach level 5,6&7, the finished brown shade will residue a little of redness. It is suggested to add 5% -10% of A-MAX to reduce the redness.



K Color Series

IDA Color System K

Copper is made in between of red and yellow. It possesses moderate dim tone with reasonable amount of light ash tone, that fully outstand the uniqueness of feminine when combining with highlights.


  • Can enhance the warmth when mixing with other series colorant.

  • Suitable for clients with warm or white skin tone.

  • To avoid complementary effect, it is not suitable to mix with cool tone shade.


KG Color Series

Copper Gold
IDA Color System KG

Copper Gold series sensationally provides a great impression of energetic and passion. Explicitly shows the smart feminine characteristics.

  • When dyeing the hair, it will show a dazzling red when the general hair color reaches 6.43 or 7.43; when it reaches 8.43, it will appear orange. Please pay attention to the hair background and target color before making a decision.

  • Normally when applying 6.43 or 7.43 colorant, it can create brighten red. When applying 8.43, it will turns orange. Please check the underlying hair pigment and desire hair shade to confirm the final outcome with your customer.


Copper Red

KR Color Series

IDA Color System KR

Copper Red series creates gentler and softer reddish reflect compare with Ultra red series, yet provides an outstanding feeling. Blending with harmonious highlights, it provides hair with inspiringly vividness.

  • If existing natural hair color is in level 6, it will tend to be reddish if apply 6.46 colorant and turn tends to be orange if apply 7.46. Please consider the underlying hair pigment before you go on.


Auburn Red

BR Color Series

IDA Color System BR

Implicitly diffuse graceful and stylish in appearance.

  • Brownish effect will be more prominent in 8.56 or 9.56

  • If existing natural hair color is level 6, it will tend to be too reddish if apply 6.56 or 7.56 colorant. In this situation, A-Mix can be added for neutralizing the red.


Red Auburn

RB Color Series

IDA Color System RB

Brownish red reflects a sense of fairy tale effect. Well match with highlight.

  • To make sure the desired brownish red will come out, the ratio of the developer and colorant should be in 1:1, otherwise it will tend to be too red and loss the brownish reflect.

  • If the existing natural hair color is level 6 or 7, we should add A-MIX to neutralize.



R Color Series

IDA Color System R

Dazzling Red give us an impression of brand-new, avant-garde and passionate. It releases one self's romantic spirit when matching with highlights.

  • If the proportion of gray hair exceeds 30%, red series colorant can mix with natural or brown series colorant for attaining natural mild trendy hair color.

  • 4R perfectly covers various types of gray hair.

  • By adding red series into red violet or red copper series, it can enrich the red reflect.

  • Warm tone reflects light. Therefore, hair shade in warm tone colors may look lighter than the desired color level. To attain the desired shade, it is recommended to apply same tone 1 level lower colorant.



V Color Series

IDA Color System V

Purple implicitly manifests the beauty of luxury beauty. Combine with harmonious highlight, the finishing will be more elegant.

  • Violet series can be used to neutralize unwanted gold color.

  • 4V can perfectly covers gray hair even the proportion of gray hair exceeds 50%.

  • 11V can create platinum violet (close to silvery white) reflects when apply on 9 or above natural hair color level.


Violet Red

VR Color Series

IDA Color System VR

Purple hair possesses the character of low profile but without losing its personality. Attractiveness can be enhanced by matching with highlights.

  • It is recommended to lighten the hair to 3 to 6 levels beforehand and ensure the ratio of the developer and colorant in 1:1, in order to attain vibrant reddish violet reflect.



100 Color Series

IDA Color System 100

Bold and Avant-garde.

  • It is recommended to lighten the hair to 9 or 10 levels to get the best reflect.

  • Can be used in highlight.



MIX Color Series

IDA Color System MIX

Avant-garde yet possesses the beauty of delicate and full of contemporary.


  • 5 different tailor-made Mix Tone, percentage of color pigment per tube is 200% of the generic colorant normally possesses. Or proportion of color pigment is 2 times the generic colorant normally possesses.

  • If add in 15ml or less Mix Tone to color mixture, no need to add extra developer.

  • If add in 15ml or more Mix Tone to color mixture, add in extra developer proportionally.



Ultra Blond Color Series

IDA Color System Blond

Under the sunshine, ultra-light gold is full of vibrant. Matching with harmonious highlights, a clear contrast can be seen. The contrast can manifest the contour of Asian face.

  • 10.03, with pigment, can be used as reducing underlying pigment.

  • 0.00 is non-pigment transparent colorant. It can be added to any desire shade to enhance the glossiness.


JAM Color Series

IDA Color System JAM

Provides you a long-lasting sharp outlook with rich and vibrant hair shade.


  • Can either use it alone or mix with other colorant to enrich color pigment or create various shades.

  • When natural hair color reach level 9 or 10, the Jam series shade can be prominently reflected.



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