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IDA Faddy
IDA Faddy Waxy Cream

Waxy Cream

Be wild, be ahead of myself

  • Weightless texture for sexy, tousled look!

  • Suitable for layering, straight and wavy hair

  • Enhance texture and shiny effect

IDA Faddy Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray

Tousled beach look, power up the hair!

  • Beach-look styling

  • For tousled, volumized hair with matte finished

IDA Faddy Molding Clay

Molding Clay

Be cool, be myself

  • For spike and ultimate hold

  • Create layering effect, especially good for tousled and punk look

IDA Faddy Wet Look

Wet Look

Lead the trend, defy the tradition

  • For afro, layering and tousled hairstyle

  • Strong moisturizing power and long lasting hold

IDA Faddy Muss n Hold

Muss n Hold


  • Strong hold

  • Free moving style

  • Long lasting hold

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