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New generation of ionic amino formulation

Experience the attractiveness of healthy and enriched perm

Ionic Amino Wave System
Create the perfect curl. Feel the smooth & bouncy texture, healthy and shiny wave. Perm is no longer harm to hair.

Ionic L1

Amino Wave Lotion Pack L1

  • For normal hair

Ionic L2

Amino Wave Lotion Pack L2

  • For tinted and damaged hair

Ionic L0

Amino Wave Lotion Pack L0

  • For resistant hair

Ionic G0

Multi-Purpose Gel Pack G0

  • For special curl and straightening effects

Ionic Curl Relaxer Series
The beauty of luscious sheen
Restructure your hair and get the instant shiny straight effect

Ionic G3

Ionic Curl Relaxer G3

  • Ultra strength for coarse hair

Ionic G5

Ionic Curl Relaxer G5

  • Conditioning & mild Formula for tinted and damaged hair

Ionic G9

Ionic Curl Relaxer G9

  • Extra strength for normal hair

Ionic N

Ionic Curl Relaxer N

  • To neutralize and fix the shape

Ionic Hair Care Series
Softness, Smoothness
Stabilize the perm result, keep up the shiny & softness effect all the time!

Ionic Nutritive Treatment
Ionic Nutritive Treatment

Ionic Nutritive Treatment

  • Nourishing, shiny and silky

Ionic Nutritive Treatment (New)

  • Perfect hair care product for in-salon & at-home

Ionic Hair Resurrectant

Ionic Hair Resurrectant

  • Highly inner part penetration, repair damaged tissues and rearrange hair structure for ultimate sheen.

Ionic Resurrectant Hair Mask

Ionic Resurrectant Mask

  • Double effect of Ionic Hair Resurrectant treatment,

  • Completely resolve the problem of dryness.

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