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Neither hair treatment, nor straightening perm.
Restructuring of hair keratin indeed.
Daily treatment or conditioner can temporarily supple innate curl, permed hair, damaged and fizzy hair. Yet, the effect will gradually vanish after several wash out.  Repeat treatments will also cause the high-density molecules to accumulate in cuticle, hair will get heavier with oily and rigid feeling in long term.
high penetration into deep inner part of hair 

Thoroughly tame frizzy hair & refining hair texture
With result last over 3 months
Incomparable with general treatment

See it! Feel it! Refine the hair inside out
with long lasting results

Main ingredients:

Glyoxylic Acid        

(Soften the keratin on cuticle layer)
Keratin Amino Acids    

(Enhance and replenish the runoff nutrition)
B5 D-Panthenol


KTT - Keratin Taming Treatment
Keratin Taming Treatment
Keratin Restructuring Care <KTT>

Recommended for those with:

  • Innate curl

  • Frequent hair perming & straightening

  • Fizzy hair after frequent coloring

  • Damaged hair

  • Fierce coarse hair

*Few and scattered hair is not recommended 
(Avoid the condition getting worse)








Direction of use


Wash hair thoroughly


Employ heat to rebuild hair keratin.


Apply KTT evenly on hair strands.


Cool down for 5 minutes and style as desired.


Place hair under hot steam for 30 minutes to soften hair and enhance absorption.

  • The course of treatment requires approximately 2 hours and result will last up to 3 - 4 months.

  • Repeat the treatment 30 days after the first-time application to solidify the keratin restructuring effect.

  • Repeat the treatment every 3 – 4 months to keep the best results.

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