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IDA Nallo Color
IDA Nallo Color

Your ultimate choice for hair coloring

Brand new ultimate hair care coloring technology effectively clear out the after-colored residue, leaving a moisturize mask on hair surface. It helps to lock in nutrient and moisture in hair and able to prevent static electricity that offers

you a novel five senses experience.

Thoroughly improve hair vibrancy, smoothness and softness. Offer you a brand new hair coloring experience.


IDA Nallo Color (Non Ammonia Formulation)
IDA Nallo Lite Color (Low Ammonia Formulation)
IDA Nallo Premium Color

Nallo Color

(Non Ammonia Formulation)

Refreshing and comfortable hair coloring experience


  • Ammonia free, Nallo Color delivers a non-irritate comfort hair coloring experience.

  • Embedded Natural Botanical Molecules ensure uniform coverage and long-lasting results.

Nallo Lite Color

(Low Ammonia Formulation)

Free flow of glossiness, feel the moist and sheeny hair

  • Formulated with Lavender and rose essences. Offers you a refresh and aromatic coloring experience.

  • Over 80 colors selection, allows you to cope with various kinds of technical coloring. Brings your dream into reality.

Nallo Premium Color

Luscious & shinny hair color stay on


  • Light color tonals enable up to 4 levels lifting and dark color tonals allow 100% gray hair coverage.

  • Able to cope with various coloring techniques and wider your color creativity, you can easily achieve your desire results.



IDA Nallo Shampoo

Nallo Shampoo

Professional Post Coloring Shampoo. Strong color-lock feature

  • Specially formulated to work with Nallo color to ensure long-lasting shininess.

IDA Colormate


Easily create different levels of hair coloring effects

  • Stabilized peroxide cream that effectively penetrate into cortex

  • Anti-static formula and conditioning agents, protects hair fiber against direct aggressiveness of tinting

  • Creamy texture prevents dripping for easy application

  • Four different strength for selection and intermixable

IDA Nallo Color Nallo Lite Color Nallo Premium Color

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