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IDA Basic Color
IDA Basic Color

Great mastery of delicate colors

Basic Color assists tremendous hair stylists perform creativity day to day. With its conspicuousness and preciseness, Basic Color always is the top choice of hair professionals and been designated by numerous international hairdressers associations and hairstyling contests as their official colorant.

IDA Color Chart

With color molecules that can evenly and deeply penetrate into the hair, it has developed over 80 shades with long-lasting and exceptional shine. Basic Color contains cationic conditioning agent and rich herbal essence that deeply nourishes hair during coloring, leaving it soft and shiny from root to tip.

Basic Color Series

IDA Basic Color
IDA Basic Professional Color (Low Ammonia Formulation)
IDA Basic Premium Permanent Colorant

Basic Color

Sublime luminousness and smoothness

  • No.1 bestseller in Hong Kong, in pursuit of hottest color trend.

  • Approximate 80 shades for selection, wide selection to satisfy your different needs.

Basic Professional Color

(Low Ammonia Formulation)

The ultimate sublimation. Bright and feminine

  • BASIC Low Ammonia series, with its consistency of moistly shine shade from root to tip, perfectly fulfils the needs of new coloring trend.

  • Maintaining 80 and more shades for selection as original Basic series. All shades have been analyzed accord to ICC standard, formulation is highly accurate

Basic Premium Permanent Colorant

Aromatic and nourishing hair coloring experience

  • Contains botanical essential oils that highly reduce irritation to hair and scalp. Infused with natural floral and fruity scent, delivering a pleasant scent during the whole coloring process

  • Over 80 tailor-made shades available for Asian hair, enable you to create various luscious and vogue hair color.


IDA Basic Toner

Basic Toner

Extraordinary color. Popular in the season

  • Apply the coloring techniques of shine line, blending and transition to create more in-fashion looks.

  • Available in 18 vibrant colors, Basic Toner is a semi-permanent hair color product.

IDA Shield Cream

Shield Cream

Give you and your guests the most intimate protection

  • Contains Oat Extract, Lecithin and Vitamin E, moisturizes the skin and provides anti-irritating effects

  • Significantly reduce adverse reactions to chemicals, such as redness, itching, swelling and wheals of the skin and scalp

IDA Color Remover

Color Remover

Quickly remove stains without leaving any traces

  • Effectively remove the stain on skin during color treatment

  • Mild formulation with low alcohol, no skin irritation will be caused

IDA Basic Color Basic Professional Color (Low Ammonia Formulation) Basic Premium Permanent Colorant

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